Monday, February 26, 2007

Soccer poses for Flash Test

Soccer was also willing to help me test my new "better flash card" that I made for the flash. It worked well to not create harsh shadows.
Since so many people have been coming by looking for ways to photograph the game of Soccer, especially how to pose soccer players, I have now included some links to photography sites that have pictures of the game and some helpful hints. See the new links on the sidebar to soccer sites.


Lilly offered to pose, so that I could test out a "better bounce card" for my flash. The new card gives some nice even lighting.

Casey in the Kitchen

Casey will soon be 16 years old. Even though he eats all the time, he only weighs a little less than 6 pounds. He has a tyroid problem that keeps him so thin, but as old as he is and as poor of heath that he is in, he is about the most loving cat you can imagine.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jigsaw Puzzle

Trying to put together a collage of Mr. Big Boy and Little Missy in order to have a jigsaw puzzle made for my mother-in-law. The cats are not the best of friends, so you don't see them together very often for a kodak moment.